James Murphy


Search is great if you know what you want to find.  But what if you don’t?  What if you just want to explore?

I found that I was going to the same set of webpages every day and listening to the same music.  In a world of almost endless content, this made me a little bit sad.  That’s why I started 557 with my partner, Jens Christensen.  Our aim was to revolutionize the way you find new content.  We wanted to help people explore the content around them, and to make that process fun.

We can’t say too much about the project and how it works, but we have developed some exciting new technology to improve interacting with content.  It’s still in development, but I think that one day this technology or something like it will be seen all across the web.

Unfortunately, due to other commitments (mostly finishing our respective PhDs), this project has been mothballed since 2013.  The demo versions we build (in Flash!) are now somewhat out-of-date.